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As tourism marketing specialists, we offer a wide range of services, professionally delivered. Our team members are experts in strategic and practical tourism marketing and sales, as well as public relations, and will provide solutions that deliver personalized, measurable results.

We follow an integrated approach to deliver meaningful and lasting results. This approach comprises a range from strategic planning to brand promotion to training to sales – sometimes with the support from our asset of collaborative specialist partners.

We provide individual services to meet specific project objectives and can also deliver long-term tourism marketing support.


Advances in technology, consumer and trade communications and the online environment are transforming the tourism industry constantly and competition is fierce. Effective and innovative marketing to an increasingly fragmented global travel market is key to sustain in this environment. We continuously monitor the developments in these sectors and create corresponding strategies for the benefits of the destinations and tourism stakeholders that we represent.


In the light of increasing budget pressure and tight marketing potential, leverage from and cooperation with strong supportive partners is the key to a strong marketing performance. tourimax is well connected with leading and specialized partners in the tourism industry and with major players of the non-tourism cross-marketing sector and has excellent expertise in initiating and conducting successful marketing partnerships and co-operations.


Our goal is to develop and deliver innovative solutions to our clients at affordable costs and with highest possible return of investment.

With diverse educational backgrounds and industry skills, the tourimax team delivers successful, profitable services that are constantly monitored to ensure our clients’ satisfaction and trust in us.


Competition in the tourism world is fierce. The lack of an effective sales and tourism marketing strategy will often fail in results even if planned and run with the best intentions. Especially small tourism businesses often lack the technological or financial capabilities to effectively market themselves to their target markets.
tourimax helps equip small businesses with content, collaborative strategies and partnerships to increase marketing reach and sales leads.

Our goal is to develop and deliver innovative tourism marketing solutions to our clients at affordable costs and with highest possible return of investment.

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